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1930 Recipe for Preparing Bread for Summer Sandwiches

This 1930 recipe is written in pencil and some spots are so faded I am using my magnifying class.

For the indoor parties serve dainty sandwiches to feed the hungry guest.

Make sure you have a variety of fillings to satisfy all.

First whatever the kind of sandwich---make it daintily. Use Bread 24 hour old--- it will cut better

than fresh bread. Butter that is creamed and then beaten light by gradually adding and

beating in a little thick cream helps in making a delicious sandwich.

Butter prepared this way helps the bread from drying so rapidly and improves the flavor

no matter what fillings you may use.

(Buttering sandwich bread first keeps the sandwiches from becoming too moist from soft fillings.

My Grandmother added this to the recipe.)

Cut slices of bread thin using a sharp knife. By removing the end slice and then buttering

each slice before it is cut from the loaf, you will be sure of a good looking sandwich.

As you butter and slice--- lay every two pieces together that are cut---so the slices will match in size.

For a buffet luncheon or a tea the crust is trimmed and then the bread is cut into rounds, hearts and star shapes, or make then long and narrow and pile them like a log cabin on the serving platter.

For the outdoors the crust need not be trimmed because the outdoors call for a hungry appetite and the sandwiches will be eaten crust and all. Outdoor sandwiches are not cut or shaped in anyway---just sliced bread, butter and fillings. Sandwiches will keep moist if wrapped in paraffin paper or moist napkins.

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