Friday, July 5, 2013

1930 Sandwich Fillings

1930's Stove

Use thin slices of cold, baked or broiled ham or put the ham through
the meat grinder and moisture with a little mayonnaise to which sour
chopped pickles have been added. Add a leaf of fresh washed lettuce.

Mix cream cheese with mayonnaise dressing or evaporated milk until
creamy. Season with salt and cayenne, and mix with chopped walnut meats,
set away to harden. Then spread on sliced buttered bread.                                                                 

Use a leaf of lettuce, cream cheese beaten into either gooseberry,
Rhubarb or strawberry jam makes a delicious filling.
                                                          Old-Fashioned  Grinder
Chopped dates and nut-meat moisten with moistened with orange juice makes an excellent filling.

Pare cucumbers slice thin and crisp one hour in ice water. Use a leaf of lettuce
and boiled cream dressing. A spoon full of peanut butter added to the dressing while
hot makes a delicious flavor in the filling.

Cold baked beans mashed and seasoned with tomato *catchup and a few drops of
onion juice and spread between thin slices of buttered brown bread is a sandwich
the young folks enjoys.

Sardines from which the bones have been removed are made into a paste with
lemon juice and used with a leaf of lettuce.  Very thin slices of hard boiled eggs
may be added.

Pimento cheese grated and mixed with a little tart chopped pickle and some chopped
nut meat and moistened with thick mayonnaise is delicious with buttered graham bread.

Drop chicken giblets into boiling water and simmer until tender. Avoid the use of too
much water. To the giblets of one chicken add one hard boiled egg. Then put the giblets
and the egg through a meat grinder and stir into a paste with just enough mayonnaise or thick
cream to hold it together. Season with salt
 and pepper or use tomato catchup.

And at the bottom of the page was this:                                                   Roasted Salted Peanuts
Roasted Salted Peanuts
Shell the peanuts; make sure there is enough firewood for the store.
Drop peanuts into boiling water and let remain until the husks will slip off.
Put a dab of butter or lard into an oven pan and pour in the peanuts.
Sprinkle with salt and watch check the peanuts until they are golden brown.

* catchup is how it was written in Great-Grandmother Recipe Book.
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