Sunday, July 14, 2013

Pound Cake (1928) and Famous Lemon Butter

Pound Cake (1928)

Mix a pound of sugar with three-quarters of a pound of butter.

When worked white,

stir yolks of eight eggs,

beaten to a froth,

then the whites.

Add a pound of sifted flour, and mace or nutmeg

to the taste. If you wish to have your cake especially nice, stir in

just before you put it into the pan a quarter of a pound of citron or

almonds blanched, and powdered fine in rose water.

(Great-Grandmother’s Recipe word for word and she used Rose Water.

And I am sure some of you great bakers know about this ingredient. As for me

my mouth is still open from amazement.)


              Famous Lemon Butter

Seven egg yolks,

2 cups of sugar,

1 cup of butter,

¼ cup soft-wheat flour,

1 cup of lemon juice,

grated peel of 2 lemons.


Beat egg yolks thoroughly. Mix sugar and flour and add to yolks.

Add lemon juice, peel, and butter.

Cook in top of double boiler letting the water simmer but not boil.

Stir constantly.  Cook until mixture is thick enough to hold its shape

in a spoon. Remove from fire. Beat until cool and a good consistency

for spreading. May be used as a filling in between layers of a cake,

for pies, tarts, or in eclairs. Crushed pineapple or orange marmalade

may be used instead of the lemon.

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