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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Grandmother’s Coca-Cola Salad Recipe

Spice up Holiday Meals with this great refreshing recipe. My Grandmother’s Recipe is different from my Mothers and I like them both.

1 Cup of chopped Macadamia Nuts

1 Can pitted red cherries

1 Can of pineapple chunks

2 Cold 6.8 ounces bottles of Coca-Cola (substitute with two cold cans of Coke---I tried it and it is fine)

2 Packages of Cream Cheese softened

2 Packages of Cherry Jell-O

In a large pan pour the juice from the cans of pineapple and cherries and when it is hot enough to bubble, add the Jell-O packages. Stir slowing until liquefied. Mix in Cream Cheese. Add the cold Coca-Colas. Chill in large Jell-O mold or glass dish until partly set, and then add nuts, cherries and pineapple. Chill until jelled firm.



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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cranberry Vegetable Relish

                                                                1800's Dining Room

(Recipes from Great-Grandmother’s and Grandmother Handwritten Recipe Book.) 

4 cups of fresh cranberries
2 apples quartered
1 lemon quartered                                                                        

2 carrots peeled

½ cup of celery, diced
¾ cup of sugar

¼ cup of corn syrup or maple or 6 tablespoons of honey
¼ teaspoon of salt

Put cranberries, apples, lemons and carrots through food chopper. Combine

with celery, sugar, corn, syrup and salt blend.

Chill to serve. It makes 1 ¼ quarts of relish.

Great for Fall and Winter Seasonal Recipes, Holiday  Recipes, Socials, Church,
Sewing Circles and Bereavement events.


Here is a treat from their Recipe Book:

                                             For The Ladies

This menu is for a luncheon, and it is a lady-like meal with no meat dish.

Instead we use a vegetable-peanut butter loaf as the main course, which will

save on the budget. Also, don’t be frighten at the number of eggs used in the

no-meat loaf, because we use only the yolks for that, and we use the whites

of the same eggs for dessert. We do not recommend this menu for a meal

at which there will be gentlemen, for they prefer something more substantial.


Vegetable Peanut Butter Loaf

(To Serve 100 People)

24   Cups of Navy Beans

24   Cups of cooked carrots

12   Cups of dry bread crumbs

4 ½ Cups peanut butter

1 ½ Cups of bacon fat

¼    Cup of grated onion

¼    Cup of chopped parsley

2    Tablespoons of celery salt

24   Egg Yolks

 8   Cups of milk

1    teaspoon of pepper

 1   Tablespoon of salt


Put beans and carrots through the meat chopper and mix with bread crumbs.

Combine peanut butter and bacon fat and add it to vegetables. Beat egg yolks

Together with the mild and add to the vegetables mixture. Season and bake in

Greased loaf pans in a *moderate oven for one hour, or until firm and brown.

The loaf can be served hot as sliced or with white sauce or tomato sauce.

 * moderate oven 350 degrees

Winter Vegetable Salad

   (Serves 100 people)

   16 Cups of chopped cabbage

   16 Cups of diced celery

   16 Cups of grated raw carrots

   1   Cup of grated onion

   1 ½  to 2 Quarts Russian Dressing

   Combine vegetable and moisten with the dressing to suit taste.


 Prune Whip

(Serves 100 People)

15 Cups of stewed and pitted prunes

  5 Cups of Sugar

24 Egg whites

Drain the liquid from the stewed prunes, pit and chop before
Measuring. Beat egg whites stiff and add sugar. Fold in prunes
chill well and serve.

Coffee for 100 People

3 Pounds of ground coffee and six gallons of water

3 Gallons of cream

3 Cups of sugar

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